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On the 17th of June 2019, God orchestrated a prayer event at SUNCORP where over 700 Christians from over 20 churches prayed for our city & nation. This year we would like to rally the Christians in Brisbane to pray for our city, nation and the world again. We believe God wants our city revived not for us to simply enjoy church, but for evangelism to happen and the bringing in of many harvests.

The Date

On 11th April 2019, Tevita Koloi, who is the chaplain of the Tongan Rugby Union team, received a vision of a mass prayer rally at Suncorp Stadium on the 17th of June. Given the short amount of time to organise such an event, Tevita began to speak to some of the senior pastors of churches in the city. Amazingly, the 17th of June date was supernaturally confirmed through Ps Royree Jensen in Springwood, who received a prophetic word from a prophet from the UK (Gary Morgan) in 2018 that something significant would happen in Royree’s life on the 17th of June 2019. We were also sent a prophetic word from Prophet David Wagner who ministered at Riverlife church on 30th August 2018 talking about sporting stadiums around
Australia is filled with mass prayer gatherings.


Lang Park was named after Rev. John Dunmore Lang who mobilised a missionary movement for Australia & the Pacific Islands in the 1830’s. (The site was also an Indigenous tribal meeting ground). At first, we didn’t understand why we felt the Holy Spirit say have the prayer gathering at Lang Park (Suncorp) stadium, but we were again quite miraculously informed by Ps Charles Newington through a chance meeting about the history of Rev. John Dunmore Lang. We felt from the LORD that God wants us to raise up an altar of prayer at this site for the city of Brisbane to perhaps launch forth another missionary movement for our nation and the other nations. As you may be aware, there is still an Anglican church (an altar) at Suncorp stadium.


Part 1
Prayer Walk Relay Around Suncorp Stadium

When: Tuesday 14th June 2022 from 5:00 pm to approx 6:00 pm.

Where: Meet at the opening area that looks towards Gate A & Gate B of the Suncorp Stadium, be ready to leave at about 5:15 pm. Refers to the map above where the RED arrow is pointed at.

Who can come: Any Christian who wants to pray is welcome to come along. As this will be outside there are no space or seating restrictions, and the number of people does not need to be capped.

Cost: Free.

Booking: No booking or tickets are required, please just turn up.

Food/Drink: Please bring your own water bottle, though there may be a limited number of water bubblers around.  There will be no catering, so if you are not fasting you will need to bring your own juice, coffee, snacks or sandwiches for afterwards.

Please bring:

  • Your Christian friends who like to pray and worship.

  • Own drink bottle.

  • Please wear your winter woollies (overcoat, scarf, beanie, gloves etc) as it will be outside in the evening in the middle of winter.

  • Go Card/ Translink card if you are catching public transport.

  • Smart Phone (or friend with one) so you can watch the live stream of the prayer rally at 6:30 pm if the seats are full.

Part 2
Indoor “Raising a Battle Cry” Prayer Rally

When: Tuesday 14th June 2019 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

Where: Suncorp Stadium (Section TBC). Entrance through the opening near Gate A & Gate B. Refers to the map above where the RED arrow is pointed at.

Aim: Share vision (10 mins) and Pray for our city and nation (remainder of the time). The priority is praying for our city and nation and to see revival come.

Who can come: Pastors and Prayer Leaders have priority to enter the stadium. There has been quite a bit of interest expressed, so the organizers have had to prioritize Pastors and Prayer Leaders to attend inside as there is a seating/space limitation. The capacity catered is approximately 4,500 people. “Prayer leaders” include those that lead prayer meetings at their church, or lead prayer meetings praying for the city/state/nation. It also includes intercessors and those that turn up very regularly or ‘all the time’ for prayer meetings.



The Prayer Rally will also be live-streamed so that all can join in, please bring your smartphone (or a friend with one)  and go to between 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm on Tuesday night to tune in and pray along  (or at an alternative venue of your choosing).

Cost: Free

Booking: Tickets are essential as LIMITED SEATS are available. Booking through

Food/Drink: Food and beverage products purchased at commercial outlets or in commercial packaging are NOT permitted. If you are not fasting, and wish to eat or snack please bring your own to eat outside before or after the prayer meeting.

Please bring:

  • A heart prepared in prayer and repentance.

  • Bible.

  • Please wear your winter woollies (coat, scarf, beanie etc), the venue could be cold.

  • Own drink bottle.

  • Go Card/Translink card

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