Public Transport

We recommend public transport. You can choose to meet at your church carpark and then come in together. Check out for your options.

Please plan to arrive early, and allow a generous amount of time to travel/ walk there, especially if you haven’t been to Suncorp before, as it is essential to be there by 5:00 pm so that you can join the group on its prayer walk….. before it starts walking.

Please allow some buses to be full (extra waiting time), as it will not be considered an “event” night, so extra buses will not be scheduled to transfer you to the Suncorp Stadium.

We recommend Roma St Station over Milton Train Station if you are planning on going by train.

Roma St Station: It is about a 15-minute walk (or just under 1km) from Roma St Train/Bus Station to South Plaza of Suncorp Stadium. Exit at Roma St, walk west or outbound along Roma St, and cross Countess St at the lights to Upper Roma Street. Slight left onto Milton Road and walk along Milton Road for about 300m then you will reach South Plaza of Suncorp Stadium.

Milton Train Station: Another option is to walk from Milton Train Station (about a 5m walk), and to use the overpass/pedestrian bridge over Milton Rd to the South Plaza of Suncorp stadium. 

Buses: There are also other bus options directly from your home or if you are going as a group from your church carpark- please check out for these other options.

Milton Green Car Parking

Alternatively, you can grab the Coupon Code and park at Milton Green Secure Parking. The flat rate at $10. However, please take note that the site can only accommodate up to 300 vehicles. So please book early.

Milton Green Secure Parking is just a stone-throw walking distance to where the prayer walkers will be meeting at the opening near Gate A & Gate B.

On-Street Free Car Parking

On-street free car parking will be available on Tuesday night as it is not an “Event Night”, and the prayer event is not scheduled during business hours.  So the “Event Night” restrictions on the parking signs will NOT apply. Please check the signs on each street, as they all have different hours or restrictions. Examples of parking signs are given below.


Expect a little bit of a walk from where you can park your car to where the prayer walkers will be meeting at the opening near Gate A & Gate B.


Parking Signs near Suncorp - Tuesday Night will not be an “Event Day”- so you are free to park here.


Parking Sign near Suncorp stadium - If you are parking at 6 pm for 6:30 pm event start – no issues.


Parking near Suncorp after 4 pm- no restrictions, free to park there.